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Keep Yourself Motivated. But How??

Hi there. Yes, I knew. It's been a long time since I never show up. Sorry guys. Life is hectic and full of surprise. Alhamdulillah, today I managed to find times to at least share something short that I think it is worth it to try.
The big Q is "What would you do if you finds yourself unmotivated/ down/ depress or any word that can describe that you are unmotivated?"
I would like to share with all my beloved readers, my way to motivate myself. 
I will either READING MOTIVATION BOOKs or will WATCH SPECIFIC MOVIES that can cheer me up again. Wow...!!! How can a book/ movie can boost up your mood back? It depends on you guys but it works on me. 
List of BOOK that I always READ: #88lovelife (Vol.1,2 & 3) by Diana RikasariHow to Think Big by David J. Schwartz Don't Sweat The Small Stuff for Women by Kristine CarlsonList of MOVIE that I always WATCH:
Morning Glory 2010Devil Wear PradaYes, of cause you MUST keep praying to GOD when you feel depress and down. I know you guys w…