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Tips: Penjagaan Beg

Hi all. Salam Ramadhan yang ke - 21 . So I hoped your checklist for Hari Raya is in a good track. Hehe.. Mine still left for 30% sebab baju raya belum dapat lagi. Sob Sob
Today nak bagi tips penjagaan beg tuk semua. Bukan apa, ramai yang masih tak sedar penjagaan beg ni actually penting lagi2 nak pastikan beg kita tahan lama2 especially beg yang selalu korang bawa pergi office. Kannnnn?

Cuba teka berapa tahun I pakai beg ni?
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Note to Myself

Once ... 
I noticed that the person that you loved the most can be the one who betray you...
Then ...  I noticed that anonymous might be the one who made up the whole story...
But ...  as a note to myself
"Breath In, Breath Out & Let It Be"

Dear KARMA...  I have a list of people you missed.  Yes, you know it is you  

Mini Battles... Stay Positive!

Have you come across these situations where:
1. You are the ONLY one in the team who struggled to work up on the task?  2. Others only care about their own so called "JD". 😏 3. Someone who always comes with thousand of excuses before trying. 
My advise are:
1. Don't ruined your day and get emotional because of them. It is not worth it! 2. Find someone who full with positive vibes. REMEMBER, POSITIVE VIBES can encourage you to be happy and stay happy always. Find some activities that can maintain your enthusiasm. If you are mad and you are in your office, just take a walk for awhile. My TIPs: Just grab Black Coffee from your cafe and enjoy the taste and smell of the coffee. It will reduce your anger dear. It works on me.  3. Just ignore those Excuser. You can't change peoples' behavior or attitude. But you can change the way you react towards them. IGNORING is the best way for them. 

Lots of love from me,

Keep Yourself Motivated. But How??

Hi there. Yes, I knew. It's been a long time since I never show up. Sorry guys. Life is hectic and full of surprise. Alhamdulillah, today I managed to find times to at least share something short that I think it is worth it to try.
The big Q is "What would you do if you finds yourself unmotivated/ down/ depress or any word that can describe that you are unmotivated?"
I would like to share with all my beloved readers, my way to motivate myself. 
I will either READING MOTIVATION BOOKs or will WATCH SPECIFIC MOVIES that can cheer me up again. Wow...!!! How can a book/ movie can boost up your mood back? It depends on you guys but it works on me. 
List of BOOK that I always READ: #88lovelife (Vol.1,2 & 3) by Diana RikasariHow to Think Big by David J. Schwartz Don't Sweat The Small Stuff for Women by Kristine CarlsonList of MOVIE that I always WATCH:
Morning Glory 2010Devil Wear PradaYes, of cause you MUST keep praying to GOD when you feel depress and down. I know you guys w…

Personal Assistant (P.A)/ Secretary/ Administrative Assistant (A.A)

Hello everyone. Assalamualaikum... Finally, muncul juga si kenik yang comot ni menulis blog. Rasanya dah bersawang blog ni kan. Bukan tak menjenguk blog cuma inspirasi nak menulis tu hilang melayang tah ke mana. Penat dah I kejar inspirasi tu. Hehe. Mungkin disebabkan kesibukkan kerja but here I am now. Writing the blog, updating life and so on. 😃

Tiba-tiba rasa nak update tentang P.A = Personal Assistant/ Secretary. Other places will use Administrative Assistant (A.A). 

I have received a lots of comment said that P.A/ Secretary/A.A is an easy job. You just have to sit at your place quietly, answer the phone call, set an appointment, do some of paperwork and maintain beautiful and gorgeous for 8 hours. But guys, that is only your imagination cause the reality their jobs is *&$^# 😂

Sometimes, they might skip their lunch time to ensure everything is in order. They always let their boss and others eat first. They always bring along their work to home. Even at night, they have to deal…

Toujours Shot Review by Cik Alynn

Welcome back!!  (Credit to myself who was very dedicated in forcing myself to write on this blog after a long time)

How are you bloggers, lovers and haters??? (Haters???).  Hope all of you are doing well in life, love and career. Okay! Feeling terlebih cakap omputih pulak kan.  Sebenarnya nak buat review tentang satu produk yang buat i olls jatuh cinta pada pandang pertama.
TOUJOURS SHOT (produk KekNis)

Alhamdulillah, Lynn dah consume selama 15 hari (ala..Baru 15 hari). Memang betul. 15 hari je tapi hasilnya sangat-sangat berpuas hati. Consume sehari 1x (sebelum sarapan). Lynn ni pulak memang coffee lover semulajadi. Lynn akan jarakkan pengambilan coffee 2 - 3 jam selepas minum Toujours Shot. 
Lynn memang ada masalah skin. Boleh dikatakan teruk. Sensitive and dry skin. Alhamdulillah, after 15 days consume TOUJOURS SHOT, dapat rasa perubahan pada kulit.

Antara perubahan yang ketara:

Kulit lebih lembab,tak kering & lembut Make up lebih nampak naturalMuka fresh even tido tak cukupEye bag??…

Welcome back !!!

Just a short one !! It's been a long time since I'm not updating this blog. I'm so sorry about that. Life been so hard and hard from time to time but lucky I'm being blessed by Allah each day and turned up so well now. After a year I think, so much dust need to be clear in this blog. I just read your comment. Yeah, I'm not really good in English (not really a poor thing right) but I'm trying to improve it, InshaAllah. So..  How was your life readers?? Is it just ok or so-so ??? It's okay not to be good or terrible, unless your give up a thing. There are a lot of things I wanna share with all of you. Just stay tuned and will update soon, InshaAllah Lots of love from me, Azlinda