Personal Assistant (P.A)/ Secretary/ Administrative Assistant (A.A)

Hello everyone. Assalamualaikum... Finally, muncul juga si kenik yang comot ni menulis blog. Rasanya dah bersawang blog ni kan. Bukan tak menjenguk blog cuma inspirasi nak menulis tu hilang melayang tah ke mana. Penat dah I kejar inspirasi tu. Hehe. Mungkin disebabkan kesibukkan kerja but here I am now. Writing the blog, updating life and so on. 😃

Tiba-tiba rasa nak update tentang P.A = Personal Assistant/ Secretary. Other places will use Administrative Assistant (A.A). 

I have received a lots of comment said that P.A/ Secretary/A.A is an easy job. You just have to sit at your place quietly, answer the phone call, set an appointment, do some of paperwork and maintain beautiful and gorgeous for 8 hours. But guys, that is only your imagination cause the reality their jobs is *&$^# 😂

Sometimes, they might skip their lunch time to ensure everything is in order. They always let their boss and others eat first. They always bring along their work to home. Even at night, they have to deal with third parties about event/ meeting. Received call before they sleep and many more. Do you know if they left out one simple things, it will give a big impact?

I bet no jobs is easy. Even you are just a receptionist at 5 stars hotel, an Uber driver at Kuala Lumpur or Abang Bomba. Every jobs have their challenge and difficulty. So, jangan kita anggap setiap pekerjaan itu mudah dengan melihat seseorang itu hanya duduk di meja sambil minum kopi feberetnya (Black Coffee with less sugar). Mungkin pada ketika itu, dia baru sahaja punya masa untuk sarapan pagi dan baru je dapat duduk nak lepaskan lelah sekejap. Peace 💟

Lots of love from me,




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