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The making of Team Akustika Ujodians (T.A.U)

Wedding uncle just around the corner. So, group T.A.U pun mula nervous sebab InshaAllah, will be perform for the first time (nak selit2 time band pakLong rest nanti) Last week, T.A.U went to Swindle Studio, Dataran Senawang (kepunyaan one of my friends) for our practise. 

 Best dapat gather and practise together (even ada yg xdapat dtg sbb belajar jauh) Group family sebenarnya ni. Idea my uncle yg sporting habis and my cousin and they comes up with the name of Team Akustika Ujodians. Dalam 3 jam practise, finally we have our song yg nk perform on 30th November at Dewan SDAR.

 Lagi 2 minggu je before our first performance. Cuak + nervous = ('^_^) excited! 

All the best to T.A.U .. Kita wat the best. If ok, InshaAllah I will upload the video. Haha  

The Craziness

Okeh.. Ignored me if what I'm about to write will make you feel sick.. Hadoi. Coz my craziness only comes once in awhile jer... So skng nk tulis something yg come out from my heart and my mind. And sorry coz I will used BI and BM in a sentences (bahasa rojak) Haa..Cuba ckp ngn ak mana jalan yang xde halangan. Obstacle will always be with us if we want to do the changes. X kisah la changes dari segi apa pun but still we need to face it. Tu kira ujian la nak tengok kita ni lulus ke gagal dalam mission tu. Cakap kat aku, hidup sapa yang 24/7, 365days always happy ??? Angkat tangan sikit coz ak nk tengok n interview.. Okeh, maybe 1 dalam 1000 org je yg dapat life yang macam tu.Nak tau why there are happiness and sadness in life? How it taste if u makan gulai tanpa garam, minum air sirap tanpa gula or bercinta tanpa kekasih ?? Kuatkan semangat pada sesapa yang tengah struggle skng ni tuk dapatkan sesuatu yang terbaik dalam hidup mereka. Bagi minda yang sedang ligat berfikir tentang sesuat…